Moving Forward

Often times, I wonder what the purpose of my blog is. Originally, I started it in order to get my writing(what little there is) out there and hopefully develop some sort of following. My goal in life, at this point at least, is to become a published author. Not just a self-published one, which I’ve already achieved that but one that has his books in bookstores all over the country, if not the world.

After writing on here off and on, showcasing my poetry and talking about my recent NaNoWriMo experiences, I think I’m going to start leaning this blog in a little more personal direction. I guess the poetry is pretty personal but you’d have to be one hell of a psychologist to figure just what each one means. I mean, I’ll start promote my writing of course but I’m going to start talking about a lot more things that interest me or whatever happens to be on my mind.

Today, there really isn’t much on my mind. I took a short call today(2 week job) which will pay the rent but still leave Christmas a little bare for the kids. We’ll do what we can and of course, grandma will take care of the kids as she usually does. This does help give me time to work on editing my novel.

One problem I am now facing though is a lack of confidence in my story. Sure, family and such think it’s great but hey, they’re family. I’m knee deep in the middle of the second draft but I’ve never done much editing so really I’m just fixing grammar and sentence structure as best I can. It’s hard to know if the story is interesting when I really can’t show it to anyone. It also doesn’t help that I’m very new to the writing industry. Oh well.

So anyways, this is the end of today’s post. Hopefully I’ll have something quite a bit more interesting for you all tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. Either way, you’ll get what I give ya.