Life is short, enjoy your coffee

It’s 9:10am and I just poured my first cup of coffee. Not too happy that I need to wait for it to cool down but it’s my own fault for not getting the coffee ready the time before and setting the timer. Oh well, such is life.

Yesterday, I spent 4 hours taking a breathalizer and a piss test just so I can go through another 5 hours of tunnel training(tomorrow) and getting badged for a two week, 3 mile fiber optic wire pull. It just warms the soul I tell ya.

img via it really does is help motivate me to work on my writing. To edit the shit out of this first novel, outline my second one, write a short story and start researching possible agents. I’m done being an electrician, I just need to wait until my writing can support me. If it ever can.

The life of a union electrician is one of constant contradictions and games. When you work in the trades, everyone knows you’re a temporary worker, you know you’re a temporary worker and yet a lot of people freak out when they get RIF’d(reduction in force layoff). Hell, I think I was pretty depressed about this last one for a week or so.

The problem is that companies often times build you up, telling you wonderful things to boost your confidence(and your production). They tell you about your wonderful attitude and great your work is. How awesome it is that you’re competent and don’t need supervision. They’ll talk at lengths about the next 3 year project they have and that it would be perfect to get you on it as soon as it starts rolling. Yup, they make you feel like you’re in it for the long haul and you know what, some people are. Not most though. Most of us, mainly because we refuse to be a brown-noser, get sent back to the Hall with a handshake and ‘thanks for your services’.

It’s fine really. I’m just done with the games is all. Time to move on to bigger and better things. This is definitely not the first time in my working life that I’ve switched modes. Hell, I was a cook and even ran a kitchen in an italian restaurant. I worked as a sign designer and vinyl installer, photo retouch artist and a photographer. I built websites even for a time. Then I got into this and now, almost 9 years later, I’m spent.

Writing is what I really enjoy doing, even though it’s absolute torture. So writing it is, until I find something else that drivesimg via me. Maybe next I’ll drive rally cars or something. Either way, the point of today’s post is to tell you people out there that you can do whatever you want, at any time. You are never stuck in one spot, you just need to go out there and do it. Motivation, focus, support.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to distract myself with youtube videos and coffee for a while.


The Last Two Days

Okay so, here I am this snowy Saturday morning sipping my coffee and listening to my 2 year snore away in my bed. I was laid off 8 days ago, I have a flat tire, my fiance is mad at me about something but won’t tell me what(she wasn’t mad when we went to bed so I probably farted in my sleep or something) and I only have today and tomorrow to finish my novel for NaNo.

It was motivation that started me and support that’s kept me driving but this is the time for focus. The only way I’ll finish this final 11,979 words in time is focus. I mean, really, I should be focusing on my story and not this damn blog.

I’ve never had much of a goal in life besides women and fun. Really, that’s about it. Never any long term goals at least. I’ve floated through life on the whim of the wind, going whichever direction it took me. Now, here I am, attacking the first big goal I’ve ever had and I have to admit, I’m doing better than I thought. That is because of support, plain and simple.

Without support, I wouldn’t find the motivation to drive me forward. And for all the support given, I have to say thank you.

At times I wonder if I’m even that decent of a writer to actually be publishing my work. I mean, I’ve only self-published one short story so far and that’s it. My family say they like my work and I’ve even received two five star reviews on my short story but the doubt is still entrenched pretty deep. I guess I’ll find out once I get this story finished 100%.

Anyways, I’m rambling now. I need to get back at my story. Enjoy your day and go read my short at SMASHWORDS. It is on sale for FREE from now until Christmas. Don’t say I didn’t give you guys anything. Just enter in this coupon code and enjoy a great little read on this cold morning: YS23F  

Motivation, Focus and Connections

Sometimes it takes a negative event to bring things into perspective. Something uncomfortable, scary, uneasy. It’s the negative that can provide some of the best motivation, and as long as you focus you can achieve your goal. What about connections though?

Take notice of events going on around you and the feelings you have inside of you. If you pay close enough attention you just might notice a connection between events and your goals. Some say that life is what you make it and for the most part that is true but the universe is alive and offers us our dreams, just so long as we grasp at the changes that lead us to our goal.It’s taken me thirty-three years to figure this out and now I finally see both what I really want and how to attain it.

Connections. Links. Focus and motivation. Don’t just grasp for your dream, grab it and put it in a stranglehold. Don’t let go.


Image Via www.wildgeesema.comMy muse has been working overtime today, filling my head with wondrous ideas for my stories. Parts that I’ve been stuck on have resolved themselves in my mind and my fingers are itching to get typing.

Alas, I lack the motivation. This always seems to be the case. Work was tough and tiring(not to mention painful), the kids have yet to allow me a moment to relax and unwind and I have had too much grown up duties to attend since I’ve woke this morning. 

I wonder, why does my muse torture me with all that I desire of her on days that I’m worn out? You might be thinking, “Shouldn’t you be working on your stories instead of this post?” and my answer to you would normally be a devout Yes! Not today though. Today I am tired. Today I am unwilling to think. Writing this post doesn’t require much thought, considering, it’s really just me bitching, again, as per usual. 

Luckily for me, I was smart enough to take notes whenever a thought occurred so when I am rejuvenated and ready for my works in progress, I will get crazy and write a whole book! Or, at least a few pages. 

At this moment, smoke is starting to creep out of the oven, which means I’m burning something again. With that, I bid you all adieu. 

6:02 pm and I’m drinking coffee

So, after a long day of running pipe and flex(electrical conduit) in a horrendously hot mezzanine, getting metal shavings, insulation and wood splinters stuck to my skin, I arrive home after an hours Borrowed from a google search, can't remember the sitecommute only to watch the kids fight with each other over the Wii. Fatigue set in and though all I want to do is sleep, alas, I cannot.

I think you all know what that means, coffee time! Yup, brewed a whole pot and here I am drinking coffee and six in the afternoon.

Sad to say though, even with this wonderfully warm elixir of vivacity dancing through my veins, I have no motivation.

I thought that perhaps I’d find some motivation to go along with the inspiration I discovered today to revamp a short story I’ve been working on but no. So here I am, typing away at this post, basically just bitching about my lack of motivation while drinking coffee.

Another image found on google who's original site I don't rememberAs of this moment, all of the kids are kicked outside to enjoy the beautiful day. I think they’re trying to hit each other with a frisbee or something. Perfect time to write, right?

Oh well, if motivation won’t find me, maybe an entertaining blog or a good book will. Who knows?