Quitting my job to find true freedom

img via celebquote.comI’ve had a job since I was 18, sometimes more than one. I’ve been laid off many times and fired once, always fearing for that next paycheck. Even worse, I’ve always relied on that next paycheck. Sure, there has been time that my savings/checking account has grown quite a bit but never enough to take a year off. Two years off. The rest of my life off.

I question this system that we’ve been handed. Look at it close enough and you’ll start to question too.

Get up. Get ready. Commute. Work. Commute. Family time. Sleep. Repeat. Day after day, year after year until you are allowed to retire. Of course, most people die a couple years after retirement. Is this really what life is about? Work? That’s all? So, you’re telling me life is all about making someone else money while we scrape by and stress about bills and such? I don’t think so. Not for me.

JOB. In a job you’re never really going anywhere. You work and toil to make the owner of the company money in return for img via keylimeinteractive.coma pittance. Does a CEO really “earn” $50 million a year? Do you really “earn” $50k? I’d say that’s a bit lopsided. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of handing out my skills and services for a small, weekly paycheck and a once a year 1 week vacation. Hell, in my trade I don’t even get vacation time. I’ve heard people say they love their job. Really? Do you actually love your job or is that what you tell yourself to stave off insanity? I love travelling and writing, I don’t love installing electrical systems. I do not love my job.

So, what’s my point here? My point is I’m taking a stand and making a change. From here on out I’ll be focusing on becoming financially independent and I encourage every person out there to do the same. Research, focus, plan and work for yourself. Do what you enjoy. Shake off the chains and realize your dreams, whatever they may be. img via beforeitsnews.com


What will I create today?

Throughout most of my life I have been a lively, curious and outgoing person. I would do what interests me, I would take days off of work if I felt like it, I would see the world around me as a giant playground just waiting for me to play. A few years back all of that changed.image via mnn.com

Life caught up with me.

For a few years now I’ve been jaded. I’ve found it hard to have fun at anything that didn’t start with me drinking first. A wall grew around me and I started shutting friends out. I stopped hiking and camping, drawing and poetry, exploring both cities and nature. I viewed the world as a beaten down old man. I’m only 33 years old at the moment.

So much had happened to me over the years I believe it just finally caught up with me. I’ve grown tired and sore, I work more, I have people I need to take care of. Recently though, I wrote a novel. Like, holy shit! I wrote a novel!!! Yesterday I took pictures with my phone in a tunnel I was working in. I used to do a ton of photography and if I remember, was pretty good at it. I saw that tunnel as a playground and not my job site. I was walking back and forth looking at every little detail, trying to create beauty through a lens.

As I woke up this morning(a pillow smashed into my face, forcing me out of a lovely dream) I saw my bedroom a little differently. My lady looked just a little more beautiful than she has in a long time and even though we’ve been fighting, I wasn’t mad. This coffee I’m drinking tastes absolutely wonderful. The music I’m listening to, amazing.

img via flickr.comI realize now, as I type this, that I’m waking back up from a self imposed nightmare that was brought about by responsibility. The kid in me didn’t want to grow up and had been fighting back tooth and nail. Well, I am grown up and though I act accordingly, I put the kid on the shelve and in essence, put myself on the shelf as well. Today, all of that changes. Today, I am climbing back into my own skin and looking at the world through my own eyes.

I don’t know exactly how this realization came about. Maybe it was the novel. Maybe it was the pictures. Maybe both. I don’t know. What I do know is that right now, everything is brighter, more colorful than it has been in years. I’m excited for my day off.

What will I create today?

Motivation, Focus and Connections

Sometimes it takes a negative event to bring things into perspective. Something uncomfortable, scary, uneasy. It’s the negative that can provide some of the best motivation, and as long as you focus you can achieve your goal. What about connections though?

Take notice of events going on around you and the feelings you have inside of you. If you pay close enough attention you just might notice a connection between events and your goals. Some say that life is what you make it and for the most part that is true but the universe is alive and offers us our dreams, just so long as we grasp at the changes that lead us to our goal.It’s taken me thirty-three years to figure this out and now I finally see both what I really want and how to attain it.

Connections. Links. Focus and motivation. Don’t just grasp for your dream, grab it and put it in a stranglehold. Don’t let go.

This Time in Motion

As this beer courses through my veins, I wonder, who am I? Where do I stand in this world and why am I here? Is it the alcohol that has me thinking this way or some underlying thought thats been stuck deep inside my mind? Probably both. Does it matter either way? No.

It’s a completely valid question. Who am I? Why am I here? Of course I have theories but none of them quite add up. Whats your opinion? Why are we here, truly? It can’t be to worship some God and beg forgiveness the whole time, that mess makes no sense. Let me know your opinion.

The Life and Times of Silence

Img Via SarettaI have this problem. I prefer it if i write something everyday. That I work on a story of some sort or at least write down some notes for a current or future project. Life though, it seems, has other plans and from time to time, prefers to keep me silent

Recently I moved, three days ago in. All of the packing, moving, unpacking, working, kids and other things have kept me from doing any sort of writing. What it has afforded me though, is time to think. It’s made me realize that though I can’t always write, when I do, I need to relinquish, surrender  myself to it. Like most things, it’s not about quantity but quality.

Today, is another day where I don’t have much time to get into my writing and so that’s where this post comes from. Although I only have a few minutes, I am taking advantage of it

To steer into another direction, I’ve noticed that much of what I do in life, I should follow in the same way as I do my writing. Today, I kicked some serious ass work. I dove head first into the projects I was given and devoted to them, 100% of myself. My work looked exceptional when I had finished, if I do say so myself.

Img Via iheartinspiration.comI think, that at times, many people, including myself, rush through our tasks and current moments, not living in the moment but thinking about the near(or far) future. I find a problem with this. Here we are, afforded the glory that is life and yet most of the time we do not live it. We keep moving to the next moment as fast as we can

I say, it’s time for all of us to slow down and appreciate each of these moments. Whether they be dull or exciting, productive or slow, it doesn’t matter. From this point out, I will attempt to live in each moment. To put myself in each moment. Whether I’m capable of this or not, I’ll find out. Maybe it’s time for you to think about doing the same