Life is short, enjoy your coffee

It’s 9:10am and I just poured my first cup of coffee. Not too happy that I need to wait for it to cool down but it’s my own fault for not getting the coffee ready the time before and setting the timer. Oh well, such is life.

Yesterday, I spent 4 hours taking a breathalizer and a piss test just so I can go through another 5 hours of tunnel training(tomorrow) and getting badged for a two week, 3 mile fiber optic wire pull. It just warms the soul I tell ya.

img via it really does is help motivate me to work on my writing. To edit the shit out of this first novel, outline my second one, write a short story and start researching possible agents. I’m done being an electrician, I just need to wait until my writing can support me. If it ever can.

The life of a union electrician is one of constant contradictions and games. When you work in the trades, everyone knows you’re a temporary worker, you know you’re a temporary worker and yet a lot of people freak out when they get RIF’d(reduction in force layoff). Hell, I think I was pretty depressed about this last one for a week or so.

The problem is that companies often times build you up, telling you wonderful things to boost your confidence(and your production). They tell you about your wonderful attitude and great your work is. How awesome it is that you’re competent and don’t need supervision. They’ll talk at lengths about the next 3 year project they have and that it would be perfect to get you on it as soon as it starts rolling. Yup, they make you feel like you’re in it for the long haul and you know what, some people are. Not most though. Most of us, mainly because we refuse to be a brown-noser, get sent back to the Hall with a handshake and ‘thanks for your services’.

It’s fine really. I’m just done with the games is all. Time to move on to bigger and better things. This is definitely not the first time in my working life that I’ve switched modes. Hell, I was a cook and even ran a kitchen in an italian restaurant. I worked as a sign designer and vinyl installer, photo retouch artist and a photographer. I built websites even for a time. Then I got into this and now, almost 9 years later, I’m spent.

Writing is what I really enjoy doing, even though it’s absolute torture. So writing it is, until I find something else that drivesimg via me. Maybe next I’ll drive rally cars or something. Either way, the point of today’s post is to tell you people out there that you can do whatever you want, at any time. You are never stuck in one spot, you just need to go out there and do it. Motivation, focus, support.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to distract myself with youtube videos and coffee for a while.


A Night of Sleep; A Morning of…

For about three months, until recently, I slept on a friend’s floor. At first they had made me a makeshift bed by simply just stacking sleeping bags that I slept on top of. After a time, an air mattress was purchased which greatly increased my comfort, though, I’d wake up slightly less than refreshed

img via viatarian.comNow I sleep in a kings sized bed with a pillow top and about 10 pillows and it’s the most wonderfully comfortable bed in all of existence. One problem though: Every time I wake up the next day, and this is getting steadily worse, I feel completely drained and dehydrated. As if, instead of sleeping all night, I walked through a desert instead. As far as I can tell, I sleep steadily through the night, I don’t remember waking up often. I did wake up last night to the sound of one of my daughters toys going absolutely bat-shit crazy. I went and looked and the toy was by itself, making crazy noises and lighting up then it started to act normal and play it’s little song. This went on for about 10 minutes before it finally shut off and I was able to go back to sleep, slightly unnerved

Anyways, back to my point. I’m wondering why that I wimg via precisionnutrition.comake up feeling so horrible while when I slept on the floor, I woke up fine, despite an achy back. Maybe I’m not used to the bed, though, before the three month stint on the floor, I had been sleeping on for over a year. Maybe I have sleep apnea or I sleep too deeply or maybe there’s a damn succubus sucking the life out of me while I slumber. Who knows

Well, my coffee is finally finished brewing and today I decided to celebrate my birthday all over again. Is it my birthday today? No, two weeks ago it was but I feel like celebrating the anniversary of my glorious escape from the womb again, since life is pretty awesome, so why not celebrate it

With that, I bid you all adieu.

6:02 pm and I’m drinking coffee

So, after a long day of running pipe and flex(electrical conduit) in a horrendously hot mezzanine, getting metal shavings, insulation and wood splinters stuck to my skin, I arrive home after an hours Borrowed from a google search, can't remember the sitecommute only to watch the kids fight with each other over the Wii. Fatigue set in and though all I want to do is sleep, alas, I cannot.

I think you all know what that means, coffee time! Yup, brewed a whole pot and here I am drinking coffee and six in the afternoon.

Sad to say though, even with this wonderfully warm elixir of vivacity dancing through my veins, I have no motivation.

I thought that perhaps I’d find some motivation to go along with the inspiration I discovered today to revamp a short story I’ve been working on but no. So here I am, typing away at this post, basically just bitching about my lack of motivation while drinking coffee.

Another image found on google who's original site I don't rememberAs of this moment, all of the kids are kicked outside to enjoy the beautiful day. I think they’re trying to hit each other with a frisbee or something. Perfect time to write, right?

Oh well, if motivation won’t find me, maybe an entertaining blog or a good book will. Who knows?