Bitch don’t kill my vibe

img via allindiacelebration.comAs I sit and sip my second cup of coffee my clouded mind is trying to clear so I can work on finishing my NaNo novel. I know, I should be finished by now but I’m a bit of a procrastinator at times. I’m sure some of you out there are participating in the insanity of Black Friday. I have a flat tire, that’s my excuse of why I’m not. The reality though is quite different.

I spent yesterday with friends and family, eating and drinking, watching football and indulging in wonderful conversation. I’m holding on to that today, even though I’m locked away in my room. If I was to venture out into world and fight over objects on sale I would loose that sense of humanity from the day before.

I’m wondering though, how is it that people can justify their mob-like actions just to buy stuff for slightly cheaper, just one day after celebrating a holiday that is supposed to be about being grateful and thankful? I guess it’s probably because we don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving anymore, now it’s just Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In the month leading up to Thanksgiving, I’ve seen far more ads for Black Friday than Thanksgiving. It’s pretty damn sad.

So what are we now then? Consumers. We aren’t humans anymore, at least not in the eyes of corporations or governments. We are simply consumers. Our job is to buy stuff, that’s it. Simple as that. If you’re not out buying stuff then you are not doing what you’re supposed to be doing therefor you’re considered strange and weird.

img via musicisart.wsOf course, I’m just rambling about nothing. It must be the effects of all the tequila and beer I drank yesterday. Yeah, that’s it. Don’t listen to the garbage I spew. Go back to buying stuff that you’ll eventually not give a fuck about. Go back to eating your processed chemicals, oooops. I meant food. My bad. Go back to watching tv, fuck reading a book. Go back to being a consumer. I’m going to switch gears and write instead. Create. So, to quote Kendrick Lamar, bitch don’t kill my vibe.


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