Motivation, Focus and Connections

Sometimes it takes a negative event to bring things into perspective. Something uncomfortable, scary, uneasy. It’s the negative that can provide some of the best motivation, and as long as you focus you can achieve your goal. What about connections though?

Take notice of events going on around you and the feelings you have inside of you. If you pay close enough attention you just might notice a connection between events and your goals. Some say that life is what you make it and for the most part that is true but the universe is alive and offers us our dreams, just so long as we grasp at the changes that lead us to our goal.It’s taken me thirty-three years to figure this out and now I finally see both what I really want and how to attain it.

Connections. Links. Focus and motivation. Don’t just grasp for your dream, grab it and put it in a stranglehold. Don’t let go.


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