Be careful what you wish for

Ah, Saturday mornings. For me that means coffee, loud music and writing, writing, writing. I love Saturday mornings, despite the normal hangover I get from Friday nights. On Thursdays you can usually hear me say, “I don’t want to be here right now,” at work. Well, once again I said that this last Thursday and sure as shit, Friday found a way to help me get what I wanted. Yup, I got RIF’d. Reduction In Force. Layed off. Yup. JOBLESS. Just like that.

img via jlglawyers.comBlindsided is one way of describing the way I felt. Gutchecked is another. A flurry of emotions rushed through my veins, all of them demanding dominance but luckily for me I’m a calm, patient person and handled the situation just as I was supposed to. I shook hands, thanked them for the good times and pay checks then took my ass to the hall and signed the books. #70 on book 2. Sweet, so maybe I’ll only be out of work for a week. Oh shit, holiday season is upon us. Wonder how I’m going to tell the kids that I had to spend the money on rent so no Christmas presents this year?

img via mixhdwallpapers.comAlright, enough of that depressing stuff. The kids will get presents and the rent will be paid. Shit happens right? Well, like I said, be careful what you wish for. What I’ve been wishing for the last three weeks is more time to write. More focus for my stories. I do want to be a working writer, right? I did say I’m tired of being an electrician. Creativity saturates me and yet I work with hand tools. Shouldn’t my hands be my tools? Right. So now that I got what I wished for, it’s time to keep the right perspective and get down to work.

Though sometimes shit comes along to slap us in the face we just need to look at it from the right angle, use it to move forward, not let it hold us back. Focus renewed, this time I won’t stay my hand.


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