Quiet As Kept, a NaNo novel

As of yesterday, I reached the midpoint of my 50,000 word goal. Yeah, I know, I’m a little behind but that’s ok. I seem to work better under pressure so I’m hoping that will help push me through at the last minute. I figured at this point I’d let you all know just what I’m writing. Here’s a short summary:img via Nicholas Catron

The federal government has declared a national emergency and the state of Washington has been entirely quarantined as a deadly virus spreads rapidly. Families are ripped from their homes and thrown into a quarantine camp for medical testing and to try and stem the spread.

Trent Fisher, an electrician isn’t buying the official story and attempts to escape with his family…but fails. His family is taken away and he escapes. Follow Trent as he joins a resistance group in an attempt to rescue his family and reveal to the world, the truth.

I know, you’re excited. I can tell. I’m excited as well just writing the dang thing. Hopefully, with much effort, I’ll finish on time and begin the arduous process of editing and polishing this amazing work of fiction. It’s publication to be announced, though, if you ask nicely I’ll let you read an excerpt or two.


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