Malicious Mischief

In a world where computers are in just about everything, how well would you fare without one? That means, no PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. This is something that I need to come to grips with.

As of last night, my computer lost its battle with a virus and has succumbed to its injuries. Luckily I have a smart phone(really they should just be called phones now) and am able to get online through it but what if it died too? Would I survive? Would I lose my mind with fear and confusion? Probably not but I wonder how some people would react.

What I wonder about even more is about the person who wrote the program that defunct my computer. Why would they create such a thing? It doesn’t do anything but destroy. Who knows how many computers this thing has attacked since being released into the wild. Is it boredom or just an evil streak? Curiosity or cruel intent? Either way, whoever built this and sent it out is a jerk.



6 thoughts on “Malicious Mischief

  1. I have to admit I would be lost without my internet access–I pay all my bills, blog, shop, keep up with friends and family and even track my diet and steps I take daily with my computer. Fortunately, I have a laptop, tablet and a smart phone! I don’t date ask what the chances are of all of them not working at the same time!


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