The Rhythms of Inspiration, Day 1.

So, I decided to do a daily post on the music that inspires me. Whether is for my writing, artwork, work(you know, money making day job crap), so on and so forth. Basically music that drives me and pushes me. Each day I will feature a song from a different artist with info on the song/band and a link to the youtube video where you can check it out. Lets begin:

The Rhythms of Inspiration, Day 1.

The Lotus Eaters by Dead Can Dance


I’ve been listening to this group for quite a while now and their music is nothing short of enchanting. With a beautiful assortment of instruments and styles, they stretch the boundaries of anything typical in modern America and pull out of me ancient memories trapped deep in my DNA. 

Anytime that I’m stuck and uninspired, I listen to their music and more often than not, it helps to break me from the bonds of writers block. 

Forming in August 1981, the same month and year I was born, the group started out as a quartet and over time evolved to have session musicians and others wandering in and out of their midst. At one point in time they broke up and years later attempted a reunion, putting out another album. I would go into great detail into all of this but if you’re truly interested, you can go look them up, much as I have. 

If you’re feeling uninspired and needing to break out of your normal, musical rut, check out Dead Can Dance, they are absolutely amazing. 


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