Days like this

Sorry for this post but I’m at a point where I must get some stuff off my chest. I come across days like this probably at least once a week. I feel a slave to someone else’s emotions, which, ruins my day completely. I feel unmotivated, depressed, angry, slightly ill and overall just not in a good place. 

Apparently, I have this amazing ability to anger a certain someone without even knowing how. A long stint of silence between us then occurs and I’m left wondering what in the hell I did that was so bad as to make them angry enough to slam the door as they leave and then not communicate with me. This is not the way I am so I don’t know exactly how best to deal with it.

I am a social person by nature and when I am not in a good place, I often like to discuss it so I can get over it. I rarely harbor negative feelings for a person long and often times I forgive and forget quickly, without even realizing it. I guess, I just don’t like to be in a negative mood. 

So here I am, depressed because of this situation, my whole day looking bleak, completely unmotivated, as the kids run around the house having the time of their lives. 

This is not cool. 


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