A day that is…wonderful

Jayden riding on Cedar River TrailToday I took the kids on a hike through Cedar River Trail. Absolutely beautiful at times and was really enjoyable. They’ve been cooped up inside the house for a bit so I figured since it was my day off, it would be good to get them out and wandering. The hike itself was great and we somehow found an ice cream truck to help ward off the heat. 

Once we left, we spent 25 minutes attempting to obtain a parking spot down at the The Landing so the kids could play in the water or on the toys. Total fail. We suck. Not a single spot was available and the ones that became available were taken before we could get there. 

We ended up at 8 Bit Arcade, which is an awesome arcade full of 8-bit on down arcade games with food and beer. I of course, gathered myself up an IPA to enjoy while the kids spent my money. I played a few great classics, conversated with the bartender a bit, got the kids pizza and showed my daughter the finer points of Zaxxon. 

Overall, it was a pretty damn great day. Now, I must delve into the making of a chicken for dinner, then I think a cigar and a few beers to mop up the evening. What a fun day!


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