Ah The Joys

Img Via blogs.msdn.com

I must say that today was an interesting day. Besides the usual work crap, which increased my work week from 40 hours to 50(possibly more on saturday too), I come home hoping for a wonderfully quiet evening of cigar smoke and reading. A well deserved relaxation after a long, hot, sweaty and all too rushed day.

Did I receive such a wonderful end? No. No I didn’t. Instead I get my eldest running into my room screaming about someone breaking into this room through the window. Of course, I jump up and storm in there ready for action. I find a broken window screen. As I peer out the window, a kid(at least, that’s what they looked like) was running at full speed away from my apartment.

At first I thought, well damn, kid was actually trying to break in, in broad daylight. As I go outside to reinsert the now broken screen, I look up to see a lady putting a screen back into the window above mine. 

No, the kid wasn’t trying to break into my apartment. He was breaking out of his but dropping out of his bedroom window, breaking my screen in the process. Ah, the joys of living in an apartment. I’ve been here for 8 days and I’ve had enough mishaps and craziness to last a year. Too bad I signed a 12 month lease. But hey, at least I did eventually get to smoke that cigar.

Img Via cigarinspector.com


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