I wonder if it’s the alcohol that brings me to this post or just something that popped up. Maybe its the music playing and the memories I’m digging through as I unpack, I don’t really know. Either way, what I do know is that something has re-sparked inside of me…creativity. Is my muse back to stay for a while? I sure hope so!

Melodic Grooves

A now defunct local band that was absolutely amazing!

This is one of those nights where I’m looking at stuff I haven’t seen since the last time I moved and before that since the time before, etc. Memories, packed up in a box and collecting dust, doing nothing but taking up space and reminding me of life whenever I get around to opening up the box and looking through it. 

Besides the reverie induced, a myriad of story ideas and art projects have invaded my brain. Yes, I’m busy folding clothes and other domestic crap but the feeling is so overwhelming I just have to sit and write about it.

So anyways, inspiration has hit and what am I doing? Writing this post to you people. Shouldn’t I have just jumped right into writing a story or something? Yeah, probably. My question to you is, what do you do when inspiration hits but you’re busy with stuff? 


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