Brain Block

The ever present, most consuming, horrid, horrible, Evil that is known as writer’s block strikes me almost constantly. Is it really writer’s block? It hit me the other day. I sat down to write and BAM! Nothing. Not a single word. Instead I watched video’s of people failing in life. 

When lady luck and my muse get together, wondrous things occur. My fingers click at the keyboard, creating countless stories that take me away on an unforgettable journey. Then, the next day happens and I do forget. Also, usually, lady luck has taken off with my muse in tow, leaving me empty and wordless. Thank you lady luck,

Obviously, today is not on of those days. Today I am inspired and ready, torrents of ideas rush through me at the speed of thought, fighting with each other to force their way out. Today though, I don’t have much time to write. Today, I have to go look at TVs to buy. I don’t want to. I’m being forced to. 

I wonder why writer’s block just can’t come on these days, instead of days when I do have the time to write? Oh well, such is life I guess. 

To writer’s block, I hold up my middle finger.


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