The odd trio birthday

As I wake up today, I realize that I probably drank a bit too much tequila last night. So for breakfast, though today is my birthday, no slice of cake will touch my lips. Instead, I sit outside, flip flops on my feet with a cigar and a full pot of coffee, hoping that this headache will slip away and I might possibly wake up.

Now that I am officially 33 today, I might consider myself old and wise, though I doubt highly on both accounts. The years seem to be speeding by and though, I am playing this game of life much better than I did in my early years, I see I still have a lot to learn. Example: Not drink so damn much in one sitting. Hangover’s suck.

So, today will be spent doing as much of nothing as possible, though I’m sure the kids are impatiently waiting for us to go somewhere and celebrate. Maybe we’ll go to the park or something. I bet a beer would help.


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