Birthday Tequila Shots


9:31pm and here I am, taking tequila shots and chilling with the kids. In a couple hImage borrowed from Ebay.comours it will be a new day and I’ll be another year older. Crazy how life seems to speed up as I get older.

For years, my birthday meant drinking copious amounts of whiskey and beer and generally just acting crazy. At least, I think so. I really can’t remember the majority of my birthdays.

Anyways, now that I have kids it seems my birthday has slowed down to the purchase of a fifth of tequila and drinking only a quarter of it. Though life speeds up, I slow down. 

I’m wondering now, how do you all celebrate your birthdays? Large amounts of alcohol? Maybe a quiet evening at home with your favorite book? Somewhere in between? Answer in a post and pingback, I’d love to see how everyone celebrates. My birthday isn’t for a few more hours and I won’t be officially celebrating until tomorrow, maybe I’ll follow suit with some of you.



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