Planning Vs. Doing

Borrowed from Fotosearch.comI was told once to stop planning things out. Now,  I know, that’s quite the opposite of what most people say but, I am not most people. You see, I have the tendency to come up with amazing plans, great ideas, positive things to do and yet, when I plan them out, I never do them. Why is this, I wonder?

Now, if I don’t plan anything out, I just tend to do what needs/should be done. I highly doubt I’m the only one on this beautiful planet that is this way. In fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of people are.

It has to do with procrastination and knowing, that since I made the plans, I have to. I’m not one for doing things that I have to do. Is it because I’m rebellious? Maybe, or it could just be the fact that as soon as I know there is something that I have to do, I really don’t want to do it.

On days where I don’t havBorrowed from anything specific that I have to do, I often get quite a bit done, especially if I didn’t drink the night before. Speaking of which, I think I’ll drink tomorrow. Probably beer and margaritas. Damn, margaritas sounds great right now!

Anyways, sorry, I got distracted. In fact, I forgot my whole point. Something about planning and doing. I guess really what I’m trying to say is, planning is overrated but doing is pretty damn awesome. So get out there person! Get out there and do something, stop reading this garbage, I’m just rambling anyways


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