6:02 pm and I’m drinking coffee

So, after a long day of running pipe and flex(electrical conduit) in a horrendously hot mezzanine, getting metal shavings, insulation and wood splinters stuck to my skin, I arrive home after an hours Borrowed from a google search, can't remember the sitecommute only to watch the kids fight with each other over the Wii. Fatigue set in and though all I want to do is sleep, alas, I cannot.

I think you all know what that means, coffee time! Yup, brewed a whole pot and here I am drinking coffee and six in the afternoon.

Sad to say though, even with this wonderfully warm elixir of vivacity dancing through my veins, I have no motivation.

I thought that perhaps I’d find some motivation to go along with the inspiration I discovered today to revamp a short story I’ve been working on but no. So here I am, typing away at this post, basically just bitching about my lack of motivation while drinking coffee.

Another image found on google who's original site I don't rememberAs of this moment, all of the kids are kicked outside to enjoy the beautiful day. I think they’re trying to hit each other with a frisbee or something. Perfect time to write, right?

Oh well, if motivation won’t find me, maybe an entertaining blog or a good book will. Who knows? 



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