Ideas and stories

Here I am, enjoying some tequila and beer, watching various movies while messing around on facebook. Normal night for some I assume. Me though, being a writer, i pay attention to certain things.

Writing and ideas.

It’s only recently that I stepped onto the writing scene and though I’m not known, whatsoever, I am here. Something I’ve noticed:

Ideas are everywhere! I can’t help but open my eyes and ears and come across a ton of ideas for new stories. Now, this wasn’t true when I just started out and hadn’t dove too deep but now, now that I am writing for the sake of writing, because I love, because I want people to love my writing as much as I do, I can’t help but absorb ideas from everyone and everything around me.

Am I stealing? No. This is simply inspiration, plain and simple. I’m inspired by everything I see, which is the great thing about being an artist, inspiration at every corner.

Let yourself be inspired and don’t worry about what people think. In fact, don’t worry. Let writing take your worry away. Write to be happy, to inspire others and to just plain be happy, otherwise, whats the point?


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