Blogging and whatnot



When I first started writing, oh so long ago(not really that long at all actually), I wrote for personal therapy. Life was crazy, I was completely surrounded by people 24 hours a day, a new type of stress was thrust upon me and I didn’t have any type of outlet for what was going on.

Now that I’ve become used to being a family man and able to handle the various types of stress that come my way, I feel that I’ve almost lost that spark inside of me that drove my short stories. I took a hiatus from writing and mainly played video games and went to work. That got stale pretty fast. Then something happened!

I noticed that a fellow writer had started self-publishing her work and was putting herself out there, so to speak. That spark inside me fired back up and I jumped right on it. I started this blog(though at the moment I have only 1 follower), I self published a short story and put two pieces of flash fiction up on Wattpad, I’m starting to network and advertise(in a way) and generally writing much more. If I’m not writing a story I’m writing down ideas, working on the next blog post, reading and commenting on others blogs, so on and so forth.

I guess what I’m driving at here is that when it comes to writing, you don’t always have to be working on your project. If you need to step away but still want to write, there are plenty of other outlets available for you to write your flowery  prose or your witty one-liners.

Now that this is done, I guess I should get back to that novel I’ve always dreamed of writing.


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