Inspiration to be had

Waterfront in the U District, Seattle

Waterfront in the U District, Seattle


This is the scene I’m greeted with every morning when I park my truck for work. Parking in the U District in Seattle is not only horrendous but pretty damn expensive. To avoid this, I park down at the waterfront and then walk to the jobsite, about ten minutes away.

Of course, at this time is when I finally start drinking my coffee, as it’s finally cooled down enough to not scold my tongue and throat. After the first few sips, while gazing at this scene(and the rest you can’t see), inspiration soaks into my brain as reverie and daydreams take over.

My problem is that I never remember to take notes of the myriad of ideas that streak through my mind, forgetting them all by the time I finally reach my job site.

You never know when inspiration will hit you but when it does, take advantage if you can!


I fully intended for this post to be a lot longer but I am tired and my brain isn’t working so well. Goodnight ya’ll.


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