So much to learn



When it comes to the world of writing, I am definitely new. Though I’ve been writing poetry, lyrics and short stories for a bit now, putting my work online and trying to share it is definitely something new to me.

I’ve read countless articles, words of wisdom, advice and how-to’s and yet none of it actually makes any of this easier. What I’ve learned so far:

1. Facebook is actually pretty good at getting people to notice your work.

2. Blogs are not easy. I really have no clue what I’m doing or how to get people to follow me.

3. Writing my stories is the easy part.

4. Editing needs to be done. I’ve read countless free, indie-published stories that are put together horribly. I understand about keeping the author’s voice intact but at the same time, some professionalism needs to be practiced, if the author wants to be taken seriously.

5. Everyone always has some advice to give, though not all of it should be listened to.


So, here I am, writing this blog in an attempt to get my name out there. Though I only have short/flash fiction out at the moment, I am working on much longer stories. Maybe one day I’ll get my stuff to standout, until then, I’ll just keep writing!


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