Image Via www.wildgeesema.comMy muse has been working overtime today, filling my head with wondrous ideas for my stories. Parts that I’ve been stuck on have resolved themselves in my mind and my fingers are itching to get typing.

Alas, I lack the motivation. This always seems to be the case. Work was tough and tiring(not to mention painful), the kids have yet to allow me a moment to relax and unwind and I have had too much grown up duties to attend since I’ve woke this morning. 

I wonder, why does my muse torture me with all that I desire of her on days that I’m worn out? You might be thinking, “Shouldn’t you be working on your stories instead of this post?” and my answer to you would normally be a devout Yes! Not today though. Today I am tired. Today I am unwilling to think. Writing this post doesn’t require much thought, considering, it’s really just me bitching, again, as per usual. 

Luckily for me, I was smart enough to take notes whenever a thought occurred so when I am rejuvenated and ready for my works in progress, I will get crazy and write a whole book! Or, at least a few pages. 

At this moment, smoke is starting to creep out of the oven, which means I’m burning something again. With that, I bid you all adieu. 


6:02 pm and I’m drinking coffee

So, after a long day of running pipe and flex(electrical conduit) in a horrendously hot mezzanine, getting metal shavings, insulation and wood splinters stuck to my skin, I arrive home after an hours Borrowed from a google search, can't remember the sitecommute only to watch the kids fight with each other over the Wii. Fatigue set in and though all I want to do is sleep, alas, I cannot.

I think you all know what that means, coffee time! Yup, brewed a whole pot and here I am drinking coffee and six in the afternoon.

Sad to say though, even with this wonderfully warm elixir of vivacity dancing through my veins, I have no motivation.

I thought that perhaps I’d find some motivation to go along with the inspiration I discovered today to revamp a short story I’ve been working on but no. So here I am, typing away at this post, basically just bitching about my lack of motivation while drinking coffee.

Another image found on google who's original site I don't rememberAs of this moment, all of the kids are kicked outside to enjoy the beautiful day. I think they’re trying to hit each other with a frisbee or something. Perfect time to write, right?

Oh well, if motivation won’t find me, maybe an entertaining blog or a good book will. Who knows? 


Ideas and stories

Here I am, enjoying some tequila and beer, watching various movies while messing around on facebook. Normal night for some I assume. Me though, being a writer, i pay attention to certain things.

Writing and ideas.

It’s only recently that I stepped onto the writing scene and though I’m not known, whatsoever, I am here. Something I’ve noticed:

Ideas are everywhere! I can’t help but open my eyes and ears and come across a ton of ideas for new stories. Now, this wasn’t true when I just started out and hadn’t dove too deep but now, now that I am writing for the sake of writing, because I love, because I want people to love my writing as much as I do, I can’t help but absorb ideas from everyone and everything around me.

Am I stealing? No. This is simply inspiration, plain and simple. I’m inspired by everything I see, which is the great thing about being an artist, inspiration at every corner.

Let yourself be inspired and don’t worry about what people think. In fact, don’t worry. Let writing take your worry away. Write to be happy, to inspire others and to just plain be happy, otherwise, whats the point?

A question of age

“Age is just a number,” says the well-worn adage. But is it a number you care about, or one you tend (or try) to ignore? A writing prompt


In six days I turn 33 so this question is quite pertinent. I’m told by my girl that I’m just a big kid and sometimes even introduces me to others as such. Is it because I act like a kid? Maybe. 

Maybe not.

I like to do things I like and most of those things involve me laughing, playing games and such and just overall having a good time. I’m not a reserved type of person, in fact I’m told I talk to much. Maybe that’s why I write, I have stories to tell. 

So, age, I do believe, is simply just a state of mind. I’m pretty sure if I make it the age of 90 I’ll be busy doing the exact same thing, being a big kid.

Blogging and whatnot



When I first started writing, oh so long ago(not really that long at all actually), I wrote for personal therapy. Life was crazy, I was completely surrounded by people 24 hours a day, a new type of stress was thrust upon me and I didn’t have any type of outlet for what was going on.

Now that I’ve become used to being a family man and able to handle the various types of stress that come my way, I feel that I’ve almost lost that spark inside of me that drove my short stories. I took a hiatus from writing and mainly played video games and went to work. That got stale pretty fast. Then something happened!

I noticed that a fellow writer had started self-publishing her work and was putting herself out there, so to speak. That spark inside me fired back up and I jumped right on it. I started this blog(though at the moment I have only 1 follower), I self published a short story and put two pieces of flash fiction up on Wattpad, I’m starting to network and advertise(in a way) and generally writing much more. If I’m not writing a story I’m writing down ideas, working on the next blog post, reading and commenting on others blogs, so on and so forth.

I guess what I’m driving at here is that when it comes to writing, you don’t always have to be working on your project. If you need to step away but still want to write, there are plenty of other outlets available for you to write your flowery  prose or your witty one-liners.

Now that this is done, I guess I should get back to that novel I’ve always dreamed of writing.

Inspiration to be had

Waterfront in the U District, Seattle

Waterfront in the U District, Seattle


This is the scene I’m greeted with every morning when I park my truck for work. Parking in the U District in Seattle is not only horrendous but pretty damn expensive. To avoid this, I park down at the waterfront and then walk to the jobsite, about ten minutes away.

Of course, at this time is when I finally start drinking my coffee, as it’s finally cooled down enough to not scold my tongue and throat. After the first few sips, while gazing at this scene(and the rest you can’t see), inspiration soaks into my brain as reverie and daydreams take over.

My problem is that I never remember to take notes of the myriad of ideas that streak through my mind, forgetting them all by the time I finally reach my job site.

You never know when inspiration will hit you but when it does, take advantage if you can!


I fully intended for this post to be a lot longer but I am tired and my brain isn’t working so well. Goodnight ya’ll.